Silvia Parquet
The Silvia Parquet is provided in Oak plank (tongue and groove) 1,5-2,1 (0,6-0,7”)X19 (7,5cm)X190 (74,8”)cm, baseboard available on the same finishing. The wood parquet is finished with special resins in order to warrant 15 years durability in Private Houses and 6 years in Public Areas. The Silvia Parquet is available in REI-60 Flame Retardant Line.
Silvia Boiserie
The Silvia Wood Boiserie is available in 90(35,4”)X100(39,4”)cm, all finishing accessories available.


Oak Plank 3 layers
Tongue and groove plank
Plank sizes 1,5-2,1 (0,6-0,7”)X19 (7,5cm)X190 (74,8”)cm
CE 2009 EN14342
Density: 650 Kg/m3 (43,64 Pound/Feet3)
Fire Reaction: DFL-S1 (EN14342)
Formaldehyde Emission: Class E1
Pentachlorophenol: <=5ppm
Biological Durability: Class 1
Chrome 24 metal deposition (Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and Emerald)
Acrylic impregnated for long durability
Way of installation: Floating